A productive event for leaders and experts

in the Central Bank Payments & Market Infrastructure

Three successful conferences later, the CBPC is the only premier conference focused on central bank payments and market infrastructure, and where stakeholders can meet annually to share knowledge in this rapidly changing landscape.

Innovation is the new constant in the payments landscape, continually advancing change as a winning strategy, and setting the limit between success and failure. Even so, how should the industry keep up with the avalanche of new developments and initiatives? Read the 2019 Special Report to find out more.

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What Delegates Are Saying About the CBPC

“I very much enjoyed the conference and meeting the delegates. Topics were relevant and timely. [The] organization of the conference was outstanding and staff was great!”
– A Delegate from a G7 Central Bank

“My experience at the CBPC 2019 was very beneficial in terms of the opportunity l got for meeting and networking with delegates and participants from all over the world. The diversity of the presenters was very good. [The] presenters were high level knowledgeable people who are masters in their respective fields. The conference environment was classy, friendly and conducive to both learning and networking.”
– A Delegate from a Central Bank in Africa

Rares sont les conférences qui méritent pleinement le qualificatif de “forum d’échange” et j’ai trouvé que l’échange à Singapour était des plus fertiles. C’est certainement avec beaucoup de plaisir que j’y participerais de nouveau.’ — A Delegate from a Central Bank in Europe

“Very valuable content (it is difficult to choose my favorite presentations). Perfect size for networking and sharing.” – A Delegate from the Payments Industry

“All the session were knowledgeable and it was a great experience. It also provided a platform to obtain knowledge from other countries through networking.” A Delegate from a Central Bank in Asia

“An interesting and focused conference with time for some deep dives.” – A Delegate from a G7 Central Bank

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