Conference Overview

About the Conference

In contrast to other commercially organized payment conferences, the Central Bank Payments Conference (CBPC) focuses on payments and payment systems issues from a central bank perspective. We have developed a program complete with topics that address the most relevant concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing Central Banks and their evolving role in the payment system and market infrastructure. In addition to the Central Bank payment leaders, Currency Research also invites the most relevant participants under the oversight of the Central Bank to ensure beneficial and productive communications that can lead to transformative approaches and initiatives for payments. As the most pertinent policy issues surrounding the Central Bank operation and oversight of the payment system are discussed, this is a conference for payment system executives, leaders, and senior experts. Since cashless payments evolve quickly due to rapidly changing technologies, we plan to hold this conference every year in a different location around the world.

Who Should Attend

From the Central Bank, we suggest the following representatives attend:

  • Governor / Board Chairman / Deputy Governor
  • Director / Deputy Director of Payments & Market Infrastructure, Regulation and / or Oversight
  • Manager or senior advisor in the field of payment systems and market infrastructure

Please note - we also invite Monetary Authorities and International Financial Institutions to register under the Central Bank category.

Executives/Managers from non-Central Bank payment service providers* (under Central Bank oversight) such as:

  • Private system operators
  • Payment schemes (e.g., credit card schemes)
  • IT telecommunication providers involved in payment systems

Executives / Managers from other companies* such as:

  • Companies offering payment systems software
  • Payment experts from consultancy firms

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Special Report

PLEASE NOTE: This conference is closed to general media and off-record.