Message From the Organizers

Dear Delegate,

For nearly three decades, Currency Research (CR) has focused its initiatives on bringing together central banks and relevant stakeholders to address the most critical concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing the currency function of the treasury, policy, and issuance departments.

As part of this core mission and with a sight to broaden its scope beyond fiat currency, in June 2017 CR successfully launched the annual Central Bank Payments Conference (CBPC) in Amsterdam. Our primary objective is to support the central bank community in addressing new and emerging challenges they face in the quickly evolving payments landscape. 

The second CBPC built on the success of the inaugural event and included fruitful discussions and debate between leaders in the payments and market infrastructure spheres.

The third CBPC met with the same success from 24–27 June 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Join our mailing list to receive program announcements!

Please note that a distinctive feature of this conference is its focus on major policy concerns of the moment; it does not deal with payment system basics nor target newcomers to the field. Attendance at the conference is therefore recommended for managers and senior experts with some experience in payment systems and market infrastructure issues. 

We invite you to explore the program and other conference particulars – and please do contact us with your questions or comments.



Jean-Michel Godeffroy
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Gonzalo Santamaria
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Jean-Michel Godeffroy
Chairman, CBPC
Former ECB Director General of
Payment Systems & Market Infrastructure


Gonzalo Santamaria
Vice President
Currency Research


PLEASE NOTE: This conference is closed to general media and off-record.