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Pre-Conference Meeting

A Closer Look into Crypto Assets, Stable Coins & CBDCs

Date: Monday 22 June 2019
Time: 2 – 5
Location: Westin Hotel
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Currency Research is pleased to provide the CBPC attendees an exclusive networking opportunity to kick off the conference whilst discussing a relevant topic in a more intimate setting. The pre-conference network meetings encourage introductions to new peers and allow you to re-connect with past acquaintances before the main conference begins. Meet & Greet events such as this afford great benefit through better readiness and preparation leading into the conference and help to generate a top-of-class experience of the overall conference itself.

"To enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people". This was the key problem statement which Libra included within their white paper released in June 2019. Since then, the G7, BIS, CPMI and the greater central bank community has cast a more focused view and research on the effects of issuing e-money, whether this be via non-banks in a decentralized manner, or by CBDC in a centralized form. Hence, the topic of the Pre-Conference Networking meeting in Cape Town is precisely focused on this area of significant recent discussion, central bank research and controversy:

Crypto Assets, Stable Coins and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): What are they, how do they differ, and how may they affect Monetary Stability?

Facilitated by Currency Research and the CBPC Chairman Jean-Michel Godeffroy, the delegates will have the opportunity to share perspectives, experiences and insights into this topical subject matter. The meeting will be a blend of short presentations, round-table discussions and group discussions to understand current challenges and implications to financial systems and monetary stability.

We highly encourage you to join us and learn from your peers in assisting to differentiate facts from fiction, be updated on the latest research and understand future possibilities. Furthermore, if you have published specific research on this topic and would like to share this at the pre-conference meeting, please send your proposals and detailed outline for consideration to Mr. Gonzalo Santamaria, VP Payments at: gsantamaria@currency-research.com

PLEASE NOTE: This conference is closed to general media and off-record.