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Program Topics

Program Topics and Themes for 2020

CBPC is known for having the most timely and relevant topics on the Agenda and the program for Cape Town will be no different. We are eager to bring the following topics to discussion. We will be updating information (topic related synopses and speaker biographies) on this page as more details are confirmed - please be sure to check back for updates.

  • Mobile money in Africa. What are the next steps?

Find out more on how these arrangements are structured legally and technically followed by a panel discussion in order to evaluate how mobile banking could further stimulate financial inclusion.

  • Payments in China. A model for the world?

The main features of the Chinese payment system will be clarified with the backdrop of “big tech” and People’s Bank of China intention to issue a digital currency.

  • The impact of new technologies in payment systems.

How will new technologies affect payments systems during the new decade.

  • What is wholesale CBDC? How would it work?

Several central banks have recently expressed more openness as far as “wholesale” CBDC. How could such scheme work and what would be the benefits for the financial sector and society in general.

  • The Fed Now project

A new payment service announced by the Federal Reserve System called FedNow will aim to help financial institutions in the US to deliver end-to end faster payment services to their customers.

  • How will/should RTGS systems evolve for the future?

Will RTGS systems continue to be so critical over the next decade and how will they cope with cyber risks and with more demanding business continuity requirements?

  • What role for ACHs and card schemes in a world dominated by instant payments?

This panel will evaluate how ACHs and card schemes could adjust to the major evolutions such as instant payments and proprietary payment solutions.

  • New developments in cyber security

A major concern shared by many attendees at previous CBPC is Cyber security. Views will be shared on Standards and good practices for financial institutions and supervision; Cooperation in the eco-system; Crisis management exercises.

  • How should central banks react to the Libra initiative? Ignore? Forbid? Provide an alternative?

The issuance of central bank digital currencies has sometimes been presented as a possible answer to Libra after initially raising a lot of objections from public authorities.

PLEASE NOTE: This conference is closed to general media and off-record.